An Alpine Winter

I’ve been a bad little blogger, but I just finished my final assignments so yayayay, time to spend the next 6 weeks doing as little as humanly possible and wasting as much electricity as possible through my portable heater.

The first day of Winter, and my birthday, has come and gone without much event. I can’t say it was the best birthday ever, but I guess they never are if you plan anything step by step. I did lay foot in an adult store for the first time, though, and got a sweeeet pair of penis sunglasses. I was pretty angry that night, so I walked around and sat on the train with the glasses on glaring straight back at whoever dared do a double take at me.

I’m going away soon for like, a week, up to the Blue Mountains with a few mates and this editorial makes me feel incredibly keen. Scrabble on a furry rug, fireplaces, sweaters, bring it on. I cannot wait to get away, if only for a week, and if only 2 hours away.

One week into winter and I’m already feeling it. I am incredibly sick (again, what on earth) and I wake up every single morning shivering violently. My heater has become so over used that sometimes when I turn it on, it lets out this dying little cough and starts sputtering smoke. What I’m looking forward to this winter: living in sweaters, hot coffee and buying ugg boots.

Emilia & Melissa by Nicole Bentley for Vogue Australia July 2011


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    Dominique B.

    Haha! I can’t stop laughing at the part when you wore the glasses inside the train! you are so goddaaammn funny jess! i am so in love with your humor!

    And wow! that sounds like a really fun vacation you’re going to! Please come back safe and if possible, with tons of new photos, outfits or anything! ^_^

  2. 7
    Sushi (:

    Happy birthday!! I hope you had an awesome day!!

    [I wish it were winter here as well. I just hate summer.]

    Much love!!

    Sushi. (:

    PS. Awesome glasses!! 😉

  3. 13

    😀 just wanted you to know that u are so cool, that u reached with your tentacles germany ! yeei. It is probably because u have such mother-fucking cool sunglasses ! 😀


    du bist wunderbar.

  4. 14

    hahaha that is hilarious! happy birthday girlie & congrats on finishing for the sem. ive still got a couple of exams to go so im stinging to hurry up & be finished.
    have a wonderful day 🙂 x

  5. 19

    HAHAHA, the glasses are awesome. I sort of want a pair. My parents would probably ship me off to a convent in China or something.

    Next year’s birthday will be two times better. To make up for this one’s grossnasty one.


    ♥ Julia

  6. 21

    What’s all this penis glasses hub bub? It was your 18th birthday. I’D EXPECT NOTHING LESS. It’s a goal of mine to incorporate penis shaped objects into my daily outfits…
    Feel better Jess!

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