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Bottle: BandoGlasses: Ray-ban, Jacket: Bettina Liano, Tights: Goldsheep from Barre Coast Top: Zara Terez from Barre Coast, Shoes: Nike, Thrifted

There’s nothing more empowering for your workout than throwing on a pair of loud, incredibly fun tights and some chunky, badass street sneaks. It’s like a costume for me – changing into it makes me feel like a lycra fitness superhero. I still haven’t reached the point where I’ll give up heels and skirts to traipse around all day in activewear, but it makes the slog from gym to home or home to work via bike that much more exciting.

I’ve just started with a personal trainer for the very first time in my life. Derrick is a traditional powerlifter who’s competed something like 500 times and deadlifts over 600 pounds (WHAT?). He’s legit, and I’m so stoked to finally focus on my strength for the first time – clean bulking and all. It’s so liberating to focus on eating and fueling my body to do more rather than less, and to feel like a #girlboss while slinging weights. I’ve tried so many workouts and I’ve always come back to straight strength training – there’s no better rush or satisfaction.

It’s not even about how much I can or can’t squat or deadlift at the moment – it’s incredible to see steady progress only after consistent work, and gratifying to see it all come together.

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