Bonds Girl

I’m a terrible fashion blogger. Catch me on any given day and I’ll most likely be wandering around in gym clothes that I just sweat in profusely, hair askew and makeup melted. It’s not that I don’t array an extra set of clothes around with me or anything, it’s just that I feel at most in my element in stretchy pants and a sports bra. It’s like being constantly ready to sprint – for trains; when you’re late meeting someone; away from a robber.
All gear from Bonds
Specifically sports bras – I’m definitely nowhere near tummy-baring status just yet, but there’s something empowering about giving your bellybutton some air when you’re working out. I feel so much more powerful.
On Sunday, I put on some Bonds activewear to do some errands in (when the package came to my doorstep, I basically had a little moment where I missed the shit out of Australia), and some stair sprints – which is the quickest way I fit in exercise when I’m strapped for time. Stair sprints are especially cruel, but it gets the job done. I’ll do 15 minutes of 30 seconds rest, 30 seconds work of full-speed sprints and call it a day as I collapse into a sweaty heap. Throwing a jacket on and zipping it up makes no one the wiser that I’m not actually wearing clothes underneath.

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