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Bikini top: Revolve ClothingPants: Madison Wide Leg Pants from; ShoesThrifted, Zara; SunglassesSpitfire from Revolve ClothingCardigan: Thrifted from Beacon’s Closet

Although I love to scoff at the seasonal market trend spreads in Cosmopolitan Magazine/Teen Vogue/People/Dolly/etc. titled “Best Swimsuits for Every Body Shape!” or “Best Bikini for Pear Bodeis!”, it really is difficult to understand what kind of swimwear compliments your body. My body has changed so much since I was in high school, and my attitude towards it has as well.

I used to hate triangle bikini tops for fear of looking flat, and wanted as wide butt coverage as possible. Thanks to the magic of squats and self-acceptance, geometric cleavage-friendly (which I have not) and brazilian bottoms are back on the table. There are some things that will never agree with my body, like moulded cups and g-string bottoms, but I’ve got it down pat now.

I have the pleasure and luck of working in companies that could really care less what I wear to work. I’ve participated in conversations at parties before where people claim that their outfit is super party and they can’t believe that they can wear it to work, which I’ve always shut down with “I wore this to work,” at which point they glance down and realize I’m wearing the clothing equivalent of a fruit sticker on a banana. Crop tops – into it. Tiny shorts – give me more. Bodycon dresses when there’s not a shot of alcohol in sight and I’m sober AF – been there.

Wearing a bikini top is next level though. I’ve never quite gotten to the lingerie-as-clothing stage, but swimwear is a sure stepping stone to it. This specific top from Revolve, which is incredibly hard for me to do up because it’s tiny, gives me the perfect coverage to barely scrape by in my liberal, casual workplace. Paired with high-waisted faux-professional flared pants and you got yourself business casual for the startup workplace.






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