Glow in The Dark – Puma Glow Run

With all the fitness movements and themed fun runs erupting all over Sydney like a plague – I’ve never actually participated in any. Color Run, I missed (although watching people in Westfields Bondi Junction furiously trying to scrub off their green coloured skin made me reconsider). Tough Mudder, I may be doing next year (although paying $100+ for the chance to prove that I can wade through electric wires for like, TWELVE KMs makes my muscles threaten failure just sitting here). Tomorrow at Tumbalong Park, the Puma Glow Run is happening – an easy 5km across 3 “Glow Zones” – basically a 5km party. From what I can assume from the photos, you get to wear glow-in-the-dark glasses and dance your way through the course – no barbed wire or electric wires to reckon with. General manager Joel Knott says that the course is meant to promote ‘feel good living’ – “you can enjoy a natural, healthy high through an event that emphasises fun, that engages the senses, and that you share with community of like-minded glowers.”

Basically you get to be a glow worm for the night, and that sounds like a pretty fun Saturday night to me. I’ll be down there so if anyone is coming down please say hi or tweet me!

August 31st – Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour. Registration is $50 online and $60 in person – you get a t-shirt, necklace and headband with the fee. More info here.

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