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Coat: Thrifted, Boots: Thrifted, Pants: Thrifted, Bodysuit: Negative UnderwearScarf and belt: Thrifted

There’s a direct relationship between liking all your clothing dirt cheap and thrifted and looking like a confused 80 year old stuck in a 23 year old Asian girl’s body. I’ve found that a lack of skill in winter dressing lately (holla at your local polar vortex) has increased my likelihood of looking like a grandfather. It always seems to be my default inspiration in times of layering and scarves and hats, and I’m not quite sure how to break out of the cycle, nor if I actually want to.

The tendency to purchase clothing either far too big or far too small with the half-hearted intention of getting it tailored at some point (which never actually happens) is another factor to consider if you’re looking for a ‘Dressing like a grandpa for dummies’ guide. In any case, taking the nihilistic road – we’re all going to end up at that stage of life, so what’s a few years of dressing like it going to do anyway?

It’s well and truly winter in New York now, and having recently found out that I’m going to be staying in New York for at least three more years (!!!), that means three more years of seasonally feeling like my face is either melting and de-gloving like a corpse or tightening into a tiny prune thanks to sub zero winds. Every single year I face the same depression around wearing the one down jacket I bought from Amazon that allows me to walk outside without wailing – for months at a time. I’ve come to realize that what I wear has a huge effect on how I feel, how ready I am to interact with society and maintain an adequate level of happiness. The last two winters in New York were mostly spent trying to stay alive in the freezing wasteland of Manhattan and the numerous wind corridors that populate my work commute, so I traded in the self-worth of style for preservation of having any feeling in my hands and ears.

This year is going to be different. Ive already directed way too many resources into buying fancy coats and hats (and Uniqlo down jackets – those things are the shit) and I’m determined to not fall into a pit of down feather malaise. I’ve decided not to let myself wear my ugly ass sleeping bag outside until it truly becomes unbearable. My goal post is mid-January right now, and maybe next year I’ll be able to move it to FEBRUARY. Stay tuned for my mental health updates.



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