I’ve been talking about starting to blog about fitness and health-related shenanigans for a while. I never really stepped up to the plate and converted talk to action, because let’s face it – it takes a certain type of courage to broadcast information about a topic that is different for every person. What makes me an authority to tell you the first thing about your body? But I thought about it, and at the end of the day, it’s about my body. I’m going to slowly start filtering through a sneaky post once or twice a week in the ‘health and fitness’ space – let me know if there’s anything in particular you want me to write about, but it will range from smoothie recipes (when my blender decides to replace itself), HIIT workouts, a lot about weight lifting, outfit posts, and reviews. Hit me up at
What better way to start off with what I do best – an outfit post. Let’s ease into it. 
A crop and ‘booty’ shorts are reserved only for at-home living room workouts. My mid section is nowhere near public presentation quality, but it’s always grateful when I give it free reign to sweat instead of being held back by material. And yes, you read that correctly. Now that I live alone, I’ve taken to doing strange Youtube living room workouts – Blogilates’ HIIT workouts in particular (this one killed me), and even a Gangnam Style Dance workout (nobody is at home but I stopped occasionally to make sure nobody was witnessing the spectacle I was putting on). 

These Nike shorts, besides form being splashed on to every single Tumblr image in the world, ever – are actually worth the hype. The only problem is tracking them down at a reasonable price, I find that Eastbay is good (if you can get in on time). Go forth and Tumblr it out.

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