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Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

This week is completely filled up with back-to-back interviews for internships, volunteer positions, casual sales assistant jobs and university lectures that are pretty much just slides of optical illusions (why?). I am exhausted already and am probably going to pass out in bed soon and awake to angry phone calls from my car pool buddies after I inexplicably press snooze on my alarm, and am half an hour late to uni (as I have been doing for the past week).

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

Cape: Thrifted
Dress: Thrifted
Heels Tony Bianco/Friend’s
Bag: Thrifted
Belt: Thrifted
Sheep: Gift from a friend’s trip to New Zealand

All images shot by: Vinh Pham / Ve Noir Studios.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

When I wore this outfit out for the first time, I was with a friend of mine, on the train. Minding our own business. Enjoying each other’s company and the general rankness of public transportation. Until our Cityrail reverie was cut short by the sudden appearance of a leggings and Nike dunks clad trio, complete with streaked hair (I shouldn’t be judging). If you asked me to guess where they put their makeup on, I’d say the kitchen. The eyeliner looked as if it were smeared on by a spatula and their mascara applied with a fork. So these three otherwise harmless younger-looking girls stood behind my friend and I, who were just basking in the scent of commuter B.O. and drunk-person spittle. And they started attacking my cape. “It’s a picnic rug. It doesn’t even fit her”, one sneered. I turned around. Calmly, “Shut up.”

“No, you shut up.” I stared at her, unsure if we had begun joking or if she was sincere. She was being sincere. Long story short, we spent the rest of the commute and part of the walk to the carpark being followed by them and getting insults hurled at us (well, mainly me). Some of the more winning jibes included: “Look at the prostitute”, and “Give me back my rug. I think you stole my rug. And you’re wearing it.” This happened a while ago but I still don’t understand how unecessary and rude people can be. The worst part was, I was trying to strut in front of them and be all, “I AM BETTER THAN YOU, I DON’T CARE ABOUT YOU”, and then my lack of coordination kicked in and I stumbled in my heels. Woops.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

Regardless if this is a picnic rug or a rug from someone’s house a prostitute outfit, I adore it. I have worn it out three times and counting. The best part of it is I thrifted all of it (sans shoes) at one thrift store. When I first wore everything, I looked in the mirror and thought, “This would be the perfect date outfit.” But who needs a boy when I can take myself on dates to McDonalds. All the romance I need is contained within a McDouble with an extra chicken patty. Did I mention this dress was from the children’s bin and cost me 50 cents?

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape

And I keep forgetting to blog about the short trip I took to the Blue Mountains with my high school friends. Taking a break from uni is one thing. Taking a break from uni surrounded by the crispest air imaginable is another. Maybe it’s because I don’t leave Sydney often, but the air up in the Mountains was the most incredible thing. Second to spending a week with the cutest kids drinking too much tea, eating too many eggs, playing poker, grocery shopping, bushwalking, drunk dips in the spa, and watching foreign Spanish horror movies. Here’s a very short collage of my time:

P.S. I am volunteering at a Canadian film festival called Possible Worlds. Take a look through the movies and come down and watch a few if you’re in Sydney. If you’re in Sydney AND Canadian, you have no excuse.

Jess Loves Fred Jessica Tran Checked Plaid Cape


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  1. 2

    1) I ALWAYS get comments about my ‘picnic rug’ from sportsgirl. I don’t really care, because it’s the warmest thing in the whole world + looks much better than the average girls mini skirt, varsity jacket and vans combination
    2) Blue Mountains are amazing. I went in early April and I’m preeeeettty sure my picnic rug is the only reason I’m still alive and warm haha.
    3) I wish I had the balls to shave my head. kudos to you <3

  2. 5
    Dominique B.

    OMG! I can’t believe you got insulted by those girls considering what they were wearing?!

    Don’t worry, that cape looks far from being a picnic rug/rug/prostitute outfit. It’s marvelous! I want one too! 😛

    It’s amazing that you thrifted the entire outfit (sans the shoes)! This is def. one of the many things I love about your blog, you buy cheap clothes and rock them like a billion dollar baby! ^__^

  3. 6
    The Fancy Teacup

    I think the cape is darling on you, and such a steal of deal. You stay true to what captures your eye and that’s what shines. People are cruel and later when they grow up they will look back and reflect on how a lot things they did were unnecessary since they were just super miserable people themselves. And how cute is that sheep plush?!

    ♥, Jamie

  4. 8

    oh my Lord, those people. i would probably snap and yell back at them or something if i were you. but i wouldn’t. if i was daring enough to wear this outfit out, then i’d be daring enough to not give a shit about them.

    you go knock’em dead, Jess.

  5. 10

    Pff, that girl was probably jealous of your guts – shaving off half your head and wearing a plaid cape takes far more courage than screaming insults on the street. Pathetic people do that sort of thing.

  6. 14

    That’s absolutely awful about the incident that happened to you. People can be so rude and horrible for no apparent reason except for the fact that they’re the sheer result of bad parenting. I think it’s very mature and wise of you (because you probably could have gotten hurt if you got into a verbal altercation) to be the bigger person and move on. Props. On another note, what a great find to find a cape like that a the thrift store! I haven’t had such luck with the one I go to yet.

  7. 18

    i completely agree with you. why do people find it necessary to make stupid comments about what other people are wearing?! Why should they care – it’s not like we are forcing them to wear it or even like it.

    you have just reactivated an internal debate i was having with the stupid people that i am forced to share a shopping centre with

    ps i think the cape looks great!

  8. 19

    I hate that. When you’re trying to get back at someone and you try looking good while doing so…and then you fail to the point where you wished you just dusted everything they said off your shoulder…yeah. I’ve been there hahaha.

    Looks like you had so much fun! Love everything about your outfit. 🙂

  9. 23

    how freaking rude of them!!! i love your outfit(:
    btw I loved ur hair SO much more before you shavedd it but u still look pretty.

  10. 24

    The outfits loooks fine to me.. those girls either have no idea how to style themselves or probably dont even know what ‘style’ is. Cityrail surprises me all the time, with all these crazy people on it. I’ve experienced something like that once but not with my clothes .. just my rings =.=

    anyway amazing thrift finds 😀

  11. 25

    Gosh I can’t stand people like that. Teenagers that have no respect for anyone else- I honestly don’t understand how or why people behave like that. And it’s almost like public transport is their power source- I always see them on buses, listening to shitty music on their phone and talking about how their first time hurt for the first five “in and outs” then was fine (not really relevant but true and oh so funny).

    I love your cape! And I’m still obsessing over your hair. It’s amazing. Like seriously.

    -m xx

  12. 26

    The whole outfit is beautiful! ESPECIALLY the cape. Gorgeous.

    Those kids think they’re so cool by dressing up like clones of each other. At least you keep things fresh and original. Keep on strutting like a boss xx

  13. 27

    P.S. the first time I looked at this post the photos refused to load. The little picture of you wearing the red lipstick. Seriously amazing. Wear it at all times. Even when you’re sleeping.

    -m xx

  14. 31

    just stumbled across your blog and love it! Especially the way you described your little encounter 🙂 I can’t stand people like that either.. them with their leggings caught in the butt crack. Got my fair share of stares and nasty comments in public transportations too.. but whatever, they can own the bus all for themselves later on while I’ll be sitting at peace in my own car with my chauffeur! HA. 🙂


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