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After two years of living in the States, I still hadn’t spent much time outside of New York. I hear from so many people that New York is its own thing, a microcosm of culture that doesn’t reflect the rest of the US, in a league of its own. This was worrying. I lived in Australia for two whole decades, and even though most of that time I had guardians and wasn’t able to scratch my own butt let alone travel the country, I definitely regret not seeing more of what Australia had to offer.

You forget to be a tourist in your own country. Why would you, when there’s so many other places to see, so many Instagrams and Pinterest posts for you to FOMO your butt off at. I’ve been seeing these interactive maps being shared on Facebook – you check off the countries you’ve seen and it gives you a percentage of the world that you’ve explored so you can brag about it on social media. It’s things like these, and Anthony Bourdain that makes traveling in your own home so hard.

I finally got the chance to see California at the beginning of this year with Exo for the Natural Food Expo. Imagine a huge convention hall. Three rooms. Now fill it with every. Single. Health. Food. Brand. That you’ve ever heard about. That’s basically what it is. Three straight days of feet-numbing, tastebud-overwhelming sensory overload. Non-GMO, organic, natural, activated, local – you want it, they got it. Before we did our thing at the Expo, I spent some time at Big Sur near San Fran with my co-worker Kaitlin. Vomit post of photos below:


Top: Glass Animals band merch, Shorts: Cotton On Body. Revolve has some pretty sweet activewear in general.


NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_7  NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_9 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_10 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_11 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_12 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_13 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_14 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_15 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_16

Top: RevolveBottoms: Outdoor VoicesShoesNike Flyknit

NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_17 NYC_Photo_Diary_Jess_Loves_Fred_18

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